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Simulation analysis on blank holder force for aluminum alloy cylinder in
Wang Wangbing,Liu Ji, Liu Song, Wang Xu,Chen Xinhao,Wu Ming
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 1-9 [ Summary][ Article]
Optimization on stamping and forging process for new type magnesium
Li Lei,Ji Chuan,Ying Jilai
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 10-16 [ Summary][ Article]
Exact algorithm of single cutting for PCB multi-working plate size
Wang Rui,Cui Yiping,Cui Yaodong,Wang Tingting
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 17-23 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of deformation stress on bending springback angle
Zhao Maoyu, Hao Mengyu,Guo Hongyu,Liu Yuanze,Huang Bo
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 24-28 [ Summary][ Article]
Wire bending design and angle error analysis based on small bending radius
Gao Hongwei,Guo Yanqing,Zhang Qiang,Duan Zhiqiang,Li Sai
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 29-35 [ Summary][ Article]
Cold stamping process of 5A06 aluminum alloy T-shaped semi-pipe with
Gao Hui, Liu Bo, Li Xiaoman, Xiao Jiayuan, Gong Qiang, Wang Benan
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 36-40 [ Summary][ Article]
Electromagnetic incremental forming combined with stretch forming technology for large-scale and thin-walled aluminum alloy sheet
Zhang Zhiwu, Cui Xiaohui, Huang Changqing,Xiao Xiaoting,Li Jianjun, Mo Jianhua
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 41-49 [ Summary][ Article]
Method of solving friction coefficient in rack cold rolling-beating
Li Jiawei,Li Yan,Yang Mingshun,Li Long,Cui Limu,Chen Xin
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 50-58 [ Summary][ Article]
Wall thickness accuracy of 2250 mm thin-walled head by dieless spinning with outer ring restrainning
Yang Jian,Li Xinhe,Yi Zhaoxiang,Hou Linghua
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 59-64 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of punch structure parameters on forming quality during rotary extrusion
Wu Yaojin,He Jinlong,Chen Zhe,Zhang Zhimin,Li Guojun,Xue Yong
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 65-71 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of die channel intersection angle on equal-diameter angular processing of precursor for ML35 steel high strength fastener
Zhao Jun,Yang Yunliang,Zhang Han,Zhou Yifan,Wen Quanxing,Li Xin
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 72-76 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of drawbead structure on ellipsoidal scalloped segment component in hydraulic drawing process
Tian Shu, Zhang Jiegang,Li Qian,Yang Shengwei,Yu Hongzhe,Lang Lihui
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 77-82 [ Summary][ Article]
Design on manipulator control system of stator and rotor punching parts for new energy vehicle
Chen Yushan, Liang Qiuhua, Han Wei, Pan Jianyi
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 83-89 [ Summary][ Article]
Design on four-axis punching-riveting progressive die for locating plate of breaker protector
Zheng Qingchun,Qin Xiaojun,Zhu Peihao,Liu Jingna,Shen Xiaozhi
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 90-93 [ Summary][ Article]
Pre-compensation method of blade precision forging die based on deformation analysis
Hu Xuechao,Lyu Yanming,Li Yankui,Zhang Xingxing
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 94-100 [ Summary][ Article]
Drawing process analysis and die design of automobile roof cover based on AutoForm
Zuo Zhijiang,Zhang Yuhui,Ding yuancai
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 101-106 [ Summary][ Article]
Multi-position progressive die design for support seat
Yu Renping, Gong Xiaofeng
2019 Vol. 44 (3): 107-110 [ Summary][ Article]
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