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Application of AC sero mechanical press in plastic deformation processes (II)
Sun Yousong, Cheng Yongqi, Hu Jianguo, Wei Liangmo
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 1-12 [ Summary][ Article]
Cause analysis and improvement on the forged crack for Ni80Cr20 alloy plate
Fan Jinxi,Gu Yanlong,Hu Xianjun,Bao Binghui
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 13-16 [ Summary][ Article]
Analysis and control strategies on tooth top cracking during fine blanking
Lyu Lin,Kuang Qingyun,Wang Yigao,Deng Ming
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 17-23 [ Summary][ Article]
Research on forming defects of steering frame side member upper
Liang Jiye,Zhang Xueguang,He Guangzhong
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 28-32 [ Summary][ Article]
Robustness analysis on drawing and optimization on process parameters for
Luo Jianghong, Zhang Yanbin, Baktenur Jumaly
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 33-37 [ Summary][ Article]
Drawing forming process of floor reinforcing plate for automobile
Lu Jianjun,Zhao Wei,Chen Wei,Chen Baoquan
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 38-41 [ Summary][ Article]
Study on plastic forming process of aluminium alloy spatially shaped
Liu Qi, Li Baoyong,Qin Zhonghuan,Gao Hui,Li Xin
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 42-47 [ Summary][ Article]
Influences of pre-bending process and friction coefficient on
Li Caixia,Zhang Xiaofeng,Wang Jing
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 48-52 [ Summary][ Article]
Spinning process for thin-walled spherical part
Hou Linghua, Li Xinhe,Yu Dahui, Yang Jian
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 59-65 [ Summary][ Article]
Investigation on rubber pad forming process and its numerical simulation for
Zeng Yipan,Lang Lihui,Liu Shichen,Guan Shiwei,Li Lei
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 66-71 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation and experiment study on spin riveting forming for titanium
Xu Meng,Yi Fan,Li Yang,Zhao Xiangdong,Zhang Ru,Wu Kaidi,Tang Nana
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 72-76 [ Summary][ Article]
Optimization design on triangle elbow bar mechanism of mechanical
Du Wei, Zhao Shengdun,Jin Liying
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 77-82 [ Summary][ Article]
Dynamic balancing optimization of mechanical high speed
Hu Wentao,Liu Yanxiong
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 83-88 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation analysis on rigid-flexible coupling model for press considering
Li Jiangong, Zhao Xiangyu, Cai Yuqiang
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 89-93 [ Summary][ Article]
Development of stepping beam heating furnace for pre-forging heating of
Zhang Wenliang,Luo Ping,Li Aiguo,Su Hang,Zhou Tong,Sun Meng,Li Xianjun
2018 Vol. 43 (11): 94-98 [ Summary][ Article]
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