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Study on comprehensive heat transfer coefficient in forging process of large forgings
Gao Xinzhou, Yue Fengli, Xu Bin, He Xing
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 1-5 [ Summary][ Article]
Forging process design of automobile half-axle
Tao Shanhu, Xiao Laibin, Qin Xuefeng, Chen Li, Chen Wenlin
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 6-10 [ Summary][ Article]
Closed multi-direction mold forging process of complex valve body
Zhou Linghua,Kang Mingmin,Li Xijuan
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 11-14 [ Summary][ Article]
Temperature rising and cooling and lubrication technology for forging die
Zeng Qi, Jiang Peng, Ren Xueping, Wu Xinbo, Zhang Wenyuan
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 15-18 [ Summary][ Article]
Forming process optimization on aluminum fins flange holes based on the response surface method
Chen Weiye, Zou Tianxia, Luo Jianxi,Guo Feipeng, Li Dayong, Tang Ding
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 19-25 [ Summary][ Article]
Simulation and experiment of automobile wheel side inner plate in stamping process
Chen Baoquan,Li Guoqiang,Gu Qiang,Chen Ming ,Chen Wei
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 26-30 [ Summary][ Article]
Numerical simulation of whole process for multi-station progressive die of complex automotive structure parts
Zhou Min,Xiong Hegen,Li Gui,Wang Wensheng,Chen Zhiping
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 31-35 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of key process parameters on thin-wall tube workpiece in hydroforming process
Lang Lihui,Zhang Quanda,Sun Zhiying,Wang Yao
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 51-60 [ Summary][ Article]
Precision forming process analysis and numerical simulation of automotive gear shaft parts
Chen Yingying, Zhang Ying, Gong Hongying, Ji Zhongchao, Liao Zehuan, Xu Zhimin
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 68-74 [ Summary][ Article]
Multi-objective optimization on clamping mechanism of vertical squeeze casting machine
Xu Yangyang, Ding Wuxue, Peng Binbin, Sun Yu
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 81-86 [ Summary][ Article]
Vertical lifting control of forging manipulator clamp based on multi-actuator coordination
Zhai Fugang,Wei Lizhong ,Han Shaoyong, Li Ruiyang
2017 Vol. 42 (12): 92-97 [ Summary][ Article]
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