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Theory and technology of superlarge ring rolling
Hua Lin, Qian Dongsheng, Deng Jiadong, Lan Jian
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 17-31 [ Summary][ Article]
Discussion on intelligent forging equipment and approaches of its implementation
Zhao Shengdun,Zhang Peng,Fan Shuqin,Li Jingxiang,Dong Peng,Wang Yongfei,Zhang Haixia
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 32-48 [ Summary][ Article]
Development trends of car body steels
Jiang Haomin, Chen Xinping, Cai Ning, Zhu Xiaodong, Bao Ping
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 56-61 [ Summary][ Article]
Research progress on quenching distortion control for thinwalled components
Zhan Mei,Wang Junwen,Fan Xiaoguang,Yan Luyu,Li Zhixin
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 62-70 [ Summary][ Article]
Status and development trend of precision forging technology
Zhao Zhen, Bai Xuejiao, Hu Chengliang
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 90-95 [ Summary][ Article]
Precision forging of TC6 titanium alloy blade with damping
Li Miaoquan,Li Haofang,Xiong Aiming,Lin Hai
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 96-102 [ Summary][ Article]
Research status of hot spinning for magnesium alloy
Xia Qinxiang,Yuan Shuai, Cheng Xiuquan, Xiao Gangfeng
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 103-111 [ Summary][ Article]
Research on intelligent forging technology and its industrialization strategy
Wang Xinyun, Jin Junsong,Li Jianjun, Xia Juchen
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 112-120 [ Summary][ Article]
Multi-ram forging process for unequal diameter valve body
Xu Wencui,Song Changzhe
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 121-128 [ Summary][ Article]
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 129-133 [ Summary][ Article]
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 134-139 [ Summary][ Article]
Wrinkling mechanism of tube wall in deep drawing process for composite laminated plate SUS304/Al1050/SUS430
Hu Yao, Zhang Zhengrong , Dong Yong, Jiang Xiaodan,Zhang Jun
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 140-146 [ Summary][ Article]
Research on thermal contact resistance for boron steel sheet in hot stamping process
Hu Yi, Wang Chao, Xu Fengxiang, Liu Guocheng
2018 Vol. 43 (7): 147-152 [ Summary][ Article]
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