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Research progress of extrusion process for magnesium alloy
Lu Liwei, Sheng Kun, Wu Xianpeng, Yin Zhenru
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 1-9 [ Summary][ Article]
Research on hot forging parameters of a VCR engine rack
Nie Pei, Wang Min,Chen Xuehui,Xie Shouqing,Tang Qi
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 10-16 [ Summary][ Article]
Straight trimming & punching process for 320 track link
Hou Xu, Yao Yi, Hu Xinshuai
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 22-26 [ Summary][ Article]
Study on characteristics of rolling process for stainless steel composite plate
Kang Geng,Li Yugui,Chu Zhibing,Ding Zhaoqi,Wang Shun
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 34-42 [ Summary][ Article]
Optimization scheme of impact line for a lateral outer panel
Zhang Haizhou,Cui Lichun,Yu Bingding
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 43-47 [ Summary][ Article]
Optimization method of blank design on cold rolling of conical roller bearing outer ring
Lu Bohan, Liu Bin, Qian Dongsheng, Lan Yuzhong, Gao Jian
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 61-67 [ Summary][ Article]
Research and application on hydroforming technology for large thin-walled scalloped segment component
Tian Shu,Li Jiguang,Zhang Jiegang,Yang Shengwei,Yu Hongzhe,Lang Lihui
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 68-72 [ Summary][ Article]
Influence of feeding punch and back pressure on formability in hydroforming process for parallel double-branch tube
Tong Jianghuai, Xiao Xiaoting, Chen Mingtao, Guo Heng, Liu Qian
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 73-79 [ Summary][ Article]
Forging process and die design for cross connector
Jiang Rongzhong, Cui Junhua, Wang Zhilu, Guo Zhenghua, Wu Dunnan
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 86-91 [ Summary][ Article]
Design on progressive die with small scrap for internal support
Hu Zhiqing, Wen Jianping, Liu Shaohua
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 98-101 [ Summary][ Article]
Analysis on design and optimization of a new vertical counter-roller spinning machine with four pairs of rollers
Xu Wenchen, Jiao Jian, Chen Yu, Jiang Xuwei, Wang Senpeng, Li Kuilong, Wang Guangnan, Shan Debin
2019 Vol. 44 (1): 102-112 [ Summary][ Article]
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